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Never Underestimate SuperCell and Boom Beach

Supercell is bringing Boom Beach as follow-up to the highly popular Clash of Clans. To help bring the game into the modern era, it now features a fully 3D graphics engine with accurate sailing and combat modeling. Featuring elements from the late 21st  centuries, the game will include over 100 scenarios.

It is one of the games that have been labeled by most the experts back when it was just released that the game wont last long given the fact that is has merely copied the idea its older sibling Clash of Clans. Well, guess where is the game now? It is top 5 highest grossing both on Android and iOS. How is that even possible? Well, to tell you the truth one can’t really predict the future, and two; Supercell is experienced enough to venture such game and knows the in and outs of it to be successful. I guess what fueled the games rise to stardom.

Boom Beach is the ability to use the island and use it tactically together with the troops and buildings for defense. Over 1,200 troops combination will be represented and individually rendered, and players will be able to advance from ensign to admiral. Players will also have the ability to play accordingly, which should lend some replayability to the game.

In a game world dominated by massive fictional armies fighting on fictional worlds, this game sets itself apart by being an accurate wargame played as realtime strategy. In addition to battling in single-player campaigns, players will also have the opportunity to play with up online on the Internet. The game will also feature a floating, fully controllable camera that allows players to zoom, rotate and pinpoint exact locations, making controlling even larger fleets relatively easy. One related game that can also compare to Boom Beach is Clash Royale. You can check it here. Most of the players that love RTS is also enjoying this new game.

Currently on course for greatness, Boom Beach will allow armchair tall ship captains to command massive fleets. With its blend of wargame accuracy and realtime strategy gameplay, Boom Beach may have what it takes to fill a need in this niche market.