Watch Out For The 3D Printing Support In Windows 8.1

Microsoft is taking the Windows 8.1 upgrade quite seriously this time, modifying it to meet with the speculations of the future computer world. Microsoft earlier mentioned that the updated Windows 8.1 would feature the legendary Start button, which was excluded in Windows 8 and thus created a lot of confusion among traditional users. Apart from that, Windows 8.1 would also include 3D printing and file format support to add to the delight and tally with the user grievances for Windows 8. Microsoft help forum highlights the other developments in the latest operating system.

Shanen Boettcher, General Manager of Microsoft’s Startup Business Group, stated in a recent blog post that, the company is making the way for “a factory on every desktop” concrete. “Making a 3D object on your PC will be as easy as writing a document in Word and sending it to print. Just as desktop publishing transformed how we write, we think desktop manufacturing will transform how we create,” he added.

What is being offered with the support for 3D printing

Microsoft stated in a recent post on the Microsoft help forum that, “While 3D printing is not in the mainstream yet, it is only a matter of time before it would be, and with the potential to crank out increasingly complex creations as easily as printing a Word document. In fact, customers can buy a 3D printer at Microsoft retail stores this fall and at Staples for $1,299.”

Mike Kemery, co-founder of Makerhouse, a 3D fabrication unit in Seattle, Washington, said in a supportive video, “Enabling people to actually print through Windows software is a precursor to where 3D printing is going to go, and how it’s going to grow within the home.” Kemery added that it is a smart move by Windows and that it is going in the right direction.

Boettcher argued in the video that as microwaves were both “disruptive and interesting” for the users at the initial stages, so would be the fate of 3D printing for some time. Boettcher claims that analysts assume the worldwide 3D printing market would reach $3.1 billion mark by 2016 and added that it would emerge as “a convenience that people are really going to enjoy”.

Pokemon ORAS Living more than Expected

Imagine a game with the addictive adventure combined with the strategic element of Pocket Monsters also known as Pokemon and its fun battle, and you might have an idea of what Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire will play like. Nintendo’s in-house development team, Game Freak Interactive, is working on a game that combines all these elements into a title requiring reflexes, forethought and strategic planning in a furious Pokemon game where the victor is the player conquering to be as a Pokemon master.

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire is pretty unique at its own terms knowing the previous Pokemon games that have been released– Pokemon fall from the sky, and players have to choose one and raise it to its fullest potential. Players then strategically use them to win battles along the way in the quest of becoming the best Pokemon master he or she can be. Of course, it wont be easy, and that is where the game addicting element comes it — the challenge.

That’s not all, however. Players can enlist the help of up to 6 Pokemons to strengthen their own team against the strongest enemies. These are called forth using Pokemon type combinations. The entire game takes place from a side view.

The game will have Pokemon gyms based in several different location. Each gym represents a different type of Pokemon and increasing level of challenge along the way. If you can conquer them all, then you are going to be qualified in the Pokemon league in the mission of beating the Pokemon Elites.

While we haven’t seen the game in action yet, you can tell a lot about how it works from the screenshots. It’s apparent that there will be some interaction with computerized characters (likely for things like tutorials or training), and players will be able to track the status of Pokemons and its abilities. Players will likely have to challenge a series of computer-controlled opponents to make their way through the game.

The game will utilize the online game link for multiplayer battles, which we suspect will be the strongest element of the game. As many as four players will go head-to-head in some Pokemon tournament battles.

The level of detail shown in these screenshots is impressive, from the various plants and trees in the background to the cracks and rubble of the fortress walls. The flame effects from burning Pokemons are also rather pretty, and we’re assuming that the game will scroll nicely from one Pokemon to another.


Never Underestimate SuperCell and Boom Beach

Supercell is bringing Boom Beach as follow-up to the highly popular Clash of Clans. To help bring the game into the modern era, it now features a fully 3D graphics engine with accurate sailing and combat modeling. Featuring elements from the late 21st  centuries, the game will include over 100 scenarios.

It is one of the games that have been labeled by most the experts back when it was just released that the game wont last long given the fact that is has merely copied the idea its older sibling Clash of Clans. Well, guess where is the game now? It is top 5 highest grossing both on Android and iOS. How is that even possible? Well, to tell you the truth one can’t really predict the future, and two; Supercell is experienced enough to venture such game and knows the in and outs of it to be successful. I guess what fueled the games rise to stardom.

Boom Beach is the ability to use the island and use it tactically together with the troops and buildings for defense. Over 1,200 troops combination will be represented and individually rendered, and players will be able to advance from ensign to admiral. Players will also have the ability to play accordingly, which should lend some replayability to the game.

In a game world dominated by massive fictional armies fighting on fictional worlds, this game sets itself apart by being an accurate wargame played as realtime strategy. In addition to battling in single-player campaigns, players will also have the opportunity to play with up online on the Internet. The game will also feature a floating, fully controllable camera that allows players to zoom, rotate and pinpoint exact locations, making controlling even larger fleets relatively easy. One related game that can also compare to Boom Beach is Clash Royale. You can check it here. Most of the players that love RTS is also enjoying this new game.

Currently on course for greatness, Boom Beach will allow armchair tall ship captains to command massive fleets. With its blend of wargame accuracy and realtime strategy gameplay, Boom Beach may have what it takes to fill a need in this niche market.

The Rare Breed of Game that is SimCity Buildit

SimCity Buildit Rare Game

Whenever there is something new about the gaming industry that strikes my interest, I can’t help but give my honest opinion to it so the public will be informed of the facts not just speculations.  Well, as you might have heard from last year, EA – publisher and developer of the highly glorified SimCity and Sims franchise have announced and released a new city buildier game – SimCity Buildit.  Judging from what I have seen, EA wrote down everything that fans want in a game and so that Maxis can be guided of what game to produce that will answer the issues of a failed SimCity 2013 on PC.

This time around EA tried something new, since they – as always – have been inclined to the PC and Mac versions of the franchise. Here are the features that can be found in the new SimCity Buildit game that answers most of the request from the fans:

  • SimCity policies – Set policies to guide how the city and its parts develop over the course of the game. As far as the description says, it is ordinance like options for your city. This is a good thing, since that could mean that it’s possible to have the choices between various economic variants to keep your city on track.
  • Huge maps –  you have the ability to unlock additional areas to expand your city. I’m not sure about the unlocking part, but what this definitely says is that the cities in this game will not be restricted to an area that is slightly larger than a shopping center – like they did in SimCity back in 2013. The SimCity Buildit trailer shown  in the release date supports this – some of the later scenes show a huge metropolis. THIS is what city builders have always been about – building a truly magnificent city! Not managing the small sister of Boringville.
  • Modding tools – SimCity Buildit hack Apple will not be restricted of what EA can provide to its gamers. Instead, the developer, Maxis gives its players and some developers the freedom to bring to life their own contents accordingly. They will most probably give us all different kinds of possibilities to alter the game to our preference – new buildings, custom maps, even changing the some of the core mechanics of the game all seem to be within the realm of possibilities.

I know it is too early to conclude when it comes to the status of SimCity Buildit right now, I am very much looking forward where the development of this game is headed. This type of game are a rare breed these days, especially ones that are catering to a more hardcore gamer crowd.

Taking Virtual Reality a Notch Higher


You can find times in Ori and the Blind Forest whenever you need to put down the controller and simply have a breath. Generally, it is because you’re merely astonished by its wonderful artistry, temporarily halting to appreciate the wonder and depth with the moonlit forest or even the sweeping orchestral score. However at times, it will be out of disappointment, or even the sense that you are repeatedly bashing right into a brick wall. Ori is a challenging platformer that 2D fanatics will enjoy dearly, although you will need to brace yourself for a few serious demands within your skills and patience.

Starting from the get-go, almost everything about Ori’s presentation is actually real magic. The attractive hand-drawn art, exquisite animation, and robust music cause you to feel like you are taking part in an animated movie, calling in your thoughts beloved films such as Princess Mononoke and also the Secret of NIMH. Because the lovable bunny-squirrel-thing Ori, you’re assigned by a Na’vi-like spirit companion named Sein to combine the elements of Water, Wind, and heat, that will recover life for an historic forest. It is a quite straightforward motivation for any 2D Metroidvania-style platformer, however the story does dabble along with heavy themes like sacrifice and also vengeance. Furthermore, be advised: the intro can make you wish to weep as if you did during the beginning of Pixar’s Up. Aside from that mentioned, gamers for Fifa 17 also are hoping for a virtual reality game out of it. In the blog posted, a developer has been interested about making it available soon. If they can make coins generator, I am sure they can do it too.

Once you have dried out your eyes and started bounding surrounding this massive woodland, you will find that Ori controls with all the kind of quick, deft accuracy that identifies one of the most gratifying platformers. Jumping and running through trees and over boulders seems tight and instinctive, promoting a real feeling of lightweight agility and also finding yourself in tune along with Ori’s movements. Just like any Metroidvania, you’re constantly stacking new exploration-enabling skills to your collection, and every stage can help you come to grips with such things as wall-climbing or even double-jumping in ways that’s comfortable and also natural.

This simply whenever you think you’ve perfected Ori’s movement, one more element is available in to keep you on your toes. Perhaps you should lug around a gravity-shifting orb to set up physics-defying jumps within a forge that’s frosted over, or even get used to mid-air gliding having a leaf to ascend by way of a windy mountain pass. The extremely varied locations always expose fresh mechanics to complement their own surroundings, each one of these feeling invigoratingly not the same as the final while still building on which you’ve discovered so far. And in contrast to many Metroidvanias, which usually taunt you together with just-out-of-reach collectibles that you simply can’t attain right up until much later, Ori normally has the methods to reach useful power-ups because he encounters all of them when you really spot their own clever hiding places.

Blake’s Bargain Bin: Creepiness incarnate

Silent Hill is spooky and unnerving, and the visuals are some of the best the PSOne has to offer. This started off as a bad week for the bargain bin. First of all, the two game cheats from I picked up for this week’s column, PO’ed and Darklight Conflict, both sucked. While I am happy that I finally found a copy of PO’ed (it’s pretty hard to find), it’s graphically so primitive that I didn’t feel like I could recommend it — maybe that’ll change as I get farther into it, because it is kinda fun in a Doom-ish FPS way. And Darklight Conflict is just plain OK — not anything I would recommend (although for the $7 I paid for it was probably still a good deal). So, beaten and exhausted from playing these games, I turned to one of my handy alternates that I save for these occasions: Guilty Gear (which rocks!). Unfortunately, somehow the game is actually missing from its case, so I’m screwed again! So I went out and hit the EB’s in my area, hoping to find something that I could proudly declare as a good find (although my “Don’t buy these games” list is getting long enough to actually make a column at this point). Luckily, I stumbled upon a classic that most of you probably haven’t played: Silent Hill. And you know what? I’m starting to see this show up in a lot of bargain bins, so it should be easy to find (unlike, say, Guilty Gear — D’oh!).

Now, while I love the Resident Evil series, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room in my schedule for some more horror action. Silent Hill is just what I was looking for, too, because it’s actually quite different from Capcom’s popular series, but still does a magnificent job of setting an overall creepy mood. This time around you’re not some pumped-up commando, but just a normal guy who got into a car crash and then lost his daughter in the creepy New England-ish town of Silent Hill (a better name for a town than Raccoon City, I think.) Now, as you make your way into the town you’ll notice that things aren’t right — the citizens appear to be almost all gone and there are strange monsters attacking you.

While you aren’t defenseless (you’ve got a knife and you get a gun fairly early in the game), Silent Hill isn’t all about blasting. In fact, try to play the game that way and you’ll find yourself dead. Silent Hill is much more about the story and the puzzles, but it still does a great job of keeping you on edge, The town itself, for example, is shrouded in a very dense fog that keeps you from seeing hiding monsters. Luckily, you find a radio early on in the game that warns you of danger by breaking into static whenever monsters are near. It’s definitely disconcerting to be running down an alley almost weaponless and almost dead and then to hear the radio. It’s this ability to combine lots of subtle things into a very real sense of dread that makes Silent Hill so good.

The technology in the game isn’t bad either. The graphics engine is in full 3D so, unlike RE on the PSOne, the camera is always moving (sometimes a little too much). Still, even though it’s all real time, the graphics look quite good, easily on par with some of the PSOne’s best offerings. The sound complements the look well, with just the right amount of noise to properly enhance the mood. Of course, the cinema sequences in the game are also breathtaking — but that’s really just candy on top of an already impressive effort.

So, if you’re looking for a scary adventure game that’s a little less focused on the gunplay and a bit more focused on some truly disturbing imagery, Silent Hill is your best choice.